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Member classes

See below for the most up-to-date classes for Montage Wellness Center members.

Marina class schedule

Salinas class schedule

Marina class descriptions


Aqua Dyanamics: This workout keeps the participants moving in the warm water therapy pool. This is a slower paced class designed to improve joint health. This class is ideal for participants with athritic and other joint conditions.

Aqua Strength: Learn basic strength training movement in the warm water therapy pool. This class is designed for individual to learn strength training fundamentals with the benefit of warm water to aid in reducing joint stress while improving strength.

Bells & Bands: A workout using exercise loop bands and kettlebells. This workout improves hip strength and mobility targeting all the muscles of the hips and glutes as well as improvin core and overall strength.

Better Bones & Joints: This class introduces participants to basic strength and movement exercises designed to load the body skeleton and improve movement. This class is ideal for participants concerned with bone loss associated with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Body Awareness: This workout is designed for beginners with a focus on basic movement and stretching exercises. Body Awareness is a slower-paced class.

Cardio Challange: This workout is conducted in a circuit format with various cardiovascular exercises. Participants use spin cycles, steps, physioballs and mats for an overall workout that keep the heart rate elavated at a challange pace.

Cardio Health Jam: This workout is a basic movement workout that is a designed to get participants moving to improve cardiovascular health. It incorporates basic beginner dance pattern movement in a fun musical environment.

Cardio Power Sculpt: Get total body conditioning with a blend of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility. This well-balanced class will target the major muscle groups while pushing participants through a high-energy workout, using your own body weight, resistance bands, Bosu, stability balls, and free weights to challenge and tone. The goal of this class is to improve

Core Balance: This workout focuses on strengthening the core and improving your balance with challenging exercises that target the rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, and lower back. The flexibility exercises stretch the entire body with a focus on the back and hips. Do this workout after your regular cardio workout or on its own for a challenging, yet relaxing workout.

Group Personal Training (Fee Based): This is a fee based class in which participants use a variety of exercise equipment in a circuit to get a total body workout.

Healthy Back: This class is for persons will lower back issues or for individuals that want to increase basic lower back strength. Participants will learn basic restorative and progressive strengthening exercise to maintain and improve back health.

Indoor Cycling: Led by certified spin instructors, this class simulates an outdoor ride filled with hills, sprints, and other terrains. Pedal your way through an intense power-based cycling class that will generate a serious sweat. This class will also teach new cycling enthusiasts how to adjust the bike, proper breathing techniques, and cycling body alignment, giving you the most effective workout possible.

Lean and Lengthen: This class is a class focused on overall strength, toning and flexibility. It offers a blend of Pilates and Dance insprire workouts to produce a toned and balanced body.

Pilates Mat: This mat class consists of a series of non-impact exercises that help improve muscle control, flexibility, and coordination. Pilates exercises are designed to maximize abdominal strength, while toning and increasing

Power Circuit: A full body workout consisting of strength training with some cardio exercise. Class uses basic equipment such as dumbbells, body bars and exercise mats for a good basic workout. Class is suitable for people of all experience levels as all exercises can be modified to cater to each individual.

Restorative Meditate/Stretch: This restorative movement class has been designed to provide a comprehensive and progressive therapeutic recovery program for every participant. We will help you learn to stretch, strengthen, and lengthen the major muscle groups correctly and safely. Restorative Stretch is a slower-paced class.

Stress Relief & Meditate: This easy to follow, low-impact class combines the ancient forms of Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates to help you build strength and flexibility and improve balance. Controlled breathing combines with a careful structure of stretches, movements, and poses set to music. You will leave class feeling calm and centered.

Spring Board Pilates (Fee Based): This is a fee based class that offers a series of non-impact exercises that help improve muscle control, strength, flexibility and coordination. Participants utiles wall mounted spring-loaded Pilates movements in a small group enviornment. The fee based class offers participants to participant in personal training style workouts with a reduced cost .

Tai Chi: Improve balance, agility, strength and coordination with this ancient form of martial arts. Various Tai Chi disciplines are offered including Push Hands and Aqua Tai Chi.

Yoga: This is a great class for beginners to explore the fundamentals and basics of asana (pose) to develop a safe and healthy approach to yoga practice. Breathing techniques are introduced, poses are broken down, variations and use of props are demonstrated to increase the freedom and mobility of the body.

Zumba: Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic fitness workout. This class is 60 minutes of exhilarating calorie-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Salinas class descriptions

Group Fitness Classes

Swiss Ball Stable & Strong: This class is to help with balance, improving mobility, flexibility, and overall strength. Participants will primarily use stability ball, or step during this class. This class is arranged for participants to be in a seated position while doing various exercises, challenging all muscle groups.

Core Strength & Balance: This class emphasizes static balance, dynamic stability, abdominal oblique, and lower back strengthening through isometric and dynamic body weight exercises.

Core Strength & Flexibility: This first half of this class focuses on core strength muscle groups including hips, abdominals and lower back. The second half emphasizes basic flexibility for improved movement, lean muscle tone and reduced joint stress.

Full body Circuit: A full body workout consisting of strength training with some cardio exercise. Class uses basic equipment such as dumbbells, body bars and exercise mats for a good basic workout. Class is suitable for people of all experience levels as all exercises can be modified to cater to each individual.

We plan to add 4-5 group classes each month as our membership population increases. Look for more classes soon...

Performance Training Classes

What are Performance Training Classes?

Performance Training Classes are offered for participants that want a higher level of training with a certified personal trainer in a small group environment. These classes utilize special equipment not offered in regular group training classes and offer a personal training group experience at a reduced rate.

Try 2 classes with no charge: We want your performance classes to be the right fit for you. Please take advantage of these trial sessions on us.

Run Fast (Sports Performance): The signature program for athletic acceleration. This is a sports performance progressive program designed for athletes to increase performance. All individuals will undergo an evaluation and individual program design prior to attending classes. Class consists of run/sprint training on the Super Treadmill, plyometric jump training and a progressive lower body strengthening weight chart. Call to schedule an introduction workout or evaluation. This program is primarily designed for the high school/junior high athlete. Adult athletes that participate in competitive events such as cycling, running and tri-athlons will also benefit from this program. Members and non-members are welcome.

Wake Up Circuit: This class is for the early morning riser who is looking to get a total body workout. Class will offer alternating lower body and upper body exercises with bouts of cardio for 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest ratios. This class is for all levels and for those who want to improve their overall fitness.

H.I.I.T & Fit: A circuit style class of High Intensity Interval Training exercises with varying work and rest periods. The core exercises for this class includes weights, battle ropes, treadmill marching and plyometric patterns. An overall strength and conditioning workout with sets, repetitions and work/rest ratios.

TRX Circuit: A strength and conditioning circuit using the TRX suspension trainer as the primary exercise tool. Participants will experience body weight training will assisted suspension handles. This allows the participant to achieve strength and flexibility positions that traditional equipment cannot offer.


Community Classes

Montage Wellness Center and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula are proud to partner to offer health education classes and lectures to the community. Membership is not required for these classes, but registration is typically required. Ask for a guest pass to use the wellness center on the day you plan to visit for your class.