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Balance 101

Balance 101

February 24, 2020

Balance, or lack of balance, is a common issue that we all have to address as we age. Here are some symptoms that affect balance, tests, and exercises to improve balance.

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Should women train differently than men?

training differences between men and women

October 17, 2019

Check out this month's blog post where we cover this topic, discuss myths, what types of exercises make sense for men and women, and some differences you may not know about.

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Six exercises to improve heart health


February 10, 2020

February is heart health month and we'll be focusing on six exercises that will help you improve heart health and cardiovascular fitness.

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7 Essential Functional Movements

7 essential functional movements

Movement: Just what the doctor ordered.

Make a habit of moving and you’re more likely to experience fat loss, lean muscle gain, increased mobility, less pain, improved bone density, improved cardiovascular and respiratory function, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and higher energy levels.

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