Revised Member Etiquette and Entry/Exit Protocol - Montage Wellness Center

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Montage Health and Community Hospital are committed to your health and safety during the pandemic. COVID-19 information and resources

Marina and Salinas facilities closed per California State Public Health Officer Order

Updated: Monday, July 13, 2020

Montage Wellness Center fitness facilities are closed, effective immediately per the California State Public Health Officer Order.

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Revised Member Etiquette and Entry/Exit Protocol

To keep in line with the standard of safety you expect and state and county guidelines, we have adjusted the entry and exit procedures at our facilities. In addition, we have updated our code of conduct to ensure cleanliness throughout the facility.

New entry protocol

  • Before entering our facilities, each member will be required to use hand sanitizer and/or gym wipes at a station located by the front doors
  • Members and staff will be temperature-checked prior to entering our facilities
  • For the safety of our members and staff, if you are experiencing a cough, headache, fever, or any other upper respiratory symptoms, you will not be allowed in our facilities
  • Outside equipment is prohibited, with the exception of your own personal gym mat/yoga mat
  • Outside food and drink is prohibited, with the exception of water bottles that are pre-filled or empty

Inside the facility

  • As defined by the California Department of Public Health recent guidelines for fitness facilities:
    • Patrons are now required to wear face coverings at all times, except while showering
    • Swimming pools do not require face masks and will remain open
  • Belongings must be stored in the lockers
  • Please clean equipment before and after each use
  • All members must wash hands per CDC guidelines posted throughout the facilities
  • "Spotting” in the weight room is prohibited
  • Please respect social distancing by maintaining six feet of distance at all times and avoid contact with others. This includes all areas of the facility including locker rooms.

New exit protocol

  • Members must take home workout clothes and supplies in a closed bag
  • Members are encouraged to store workout clothes in a separate bag at home or to wash immediately
  • Members are highly encouraged to follow CDC guidelines outside of the facility to mitigate risk of transmission
  • Members are requested to check-out before exiting our facilities

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