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Fitter U Program

Increase lean muscle mass • Lose body fat • Improve posture • Reduce pain & injury

A scientifically-proven strength training workout plan to push your limits, track metrics, and achieve your maximum fitness level.

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What is the Fitter U Program?

Take your strength training to the next level with Fitter U. This is a results-driven 6-week custom workout program, designed by our degreed personal trainers, to get you the results you want at an affordable cost.

You’ll get the guidance and encouragement from our personal trainers and personalized progress reports aligned with your goals.

Who is the Fitter U program designed for?

The Fitter U program is designed exclusively for Montage Wellness Center members who want a customized workout plan and access to our expert staff, without the commitment of joining personal training sessions.

Our staff will develop a plan for you, walk you through the exercises, and check-in with you weekly on your progress. You’ll have the freedom to workout on your own time and schedule.

Fitter U is perfect for all skill levels:

  • Beginners who are looking for expertise and guidance with strength training and learning new exercises to maximize potential
  • Members who are comfortable strength training on their own who are looking for a program tailored just for them

  • Members at advanced fitness levels who want a structured plan and don’t have time to commit to personal training

Fit6 Tracking Report Example of progress report. Click for a larger view.

What will I get with the Fitter U program?

One hour small group orientation

Meet our Fitter U program leadership and trainers, learn basic exercises, and go through strength testing in order to tailor the plan to your individual ability level.

Fitter U coaching

Feel free to drop by and ask any Fitter U coach questions about your program to help you stay on track.

Weekly progress reports

Gain insight to your progression with weekly progress reports featuring a goal calculator, weight tracking, Body Mass Index (BMI) tracking, blood pressure and resting heart rate tracking.

Strength training guide

Includes the 7 variables in strength training progression: Exercise selection, order, load, sets and reps, time under tension, rest and recovery, and frequency.

Exercise libraryExercise library examples

Exercise library

Each participant will receive access to an exercise guide with pictures and descriptions from over 800 exercises.

Who can participate in Fitter U

Fitter U is open to all Montage Wellness Center members, however space is extremely limited to 10 people. Fitter U will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis by completing the form found on our registration page.

What is the cost?

Introductory pricing: Just $99 for the entire 6-week program

Normal program price is $149, a savings of $50

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Have additional questions?

Contact Kellie Schoepp, Clinical Integration Coordinator, at or (831) 883-5656.

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