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What Our Members Are Saying


I have participated regularly in the Core Strength and Flexibility class taught by Gabi Iniguez since Montage opened in Salinas two years ago. She is very knowledgeable and willing adapts exercises to accommodate the varying skill levels and physical limitations of all class members. Gabi continuously monitors participant's body positioning to ensure safety and maximum results. Regular attendance has helped me sustain a major weight loss and build my strength and energy. I am nearly 72 and am healthier than I have been in years.


After sitting down on a 5 hour flight from San Jose to Tennessee, I noticed my knees began to get swollen. The minute we landed I was escorted on a wheelchair to the emergency room due to my inability to walk. After my trip the pain continued and that paid turned into depression. I realized that aging did not have to look like this and I needed a better quality of life. After speaking with my daughter we decided to get a membership here at Montage. I began personal training and after a few weeks I began to notice an increase in my mobility as well as improvement my posture. I recently motivated my husband to do personal training as well and I am excited for our journey. I feel motivated, I look forward to my improvement, and I no longer feel ashamed of my body like I did in other gyms.


I’ve been training with Kellie for a year now. Kellie is knowledgeable and excels at all levels of fitness. I would recommend her to anyone no matter your fitness level. Furthermore, I would also recommend the wellness center. The Salinas facility is always clean and in tip top shape.

Chuck Scurrah


Gabi has been my personal trainer for about four months. What I appreciate about Gabi is she stresses the importance of good form and good core work. I enjoy the various exercises when working with Gabi and she gives me exercises to do when I'm working out alone. I also appreciate the positive feedback she gives me when I'm doing the exercises correctly and she's very helpful and encouraging in the areas where I need improvement. This process has been very beneficial for me and I appreciate Gabi for helping me accomplish my work out goals.

Robin Young


I have been working with my personal trainer, Gabi, for 8 months. Gabi is very knowledgeable about the many exercises for the upper and lower body as well as the core. Each session is always different which is great as I do not get bored. Gabi ensures that I do the proper forms on the exercises to ensure I receive the benefits from the exercises and not be injured. At times, Gabi will work out with me which I like as I know she practices what she preaches. Gabi also talks with me about nutrition which I have incorporated into my daily life. My goal when I started the personal training sessions with Gabi was to be toned and lose inches in my waist and hip. I am definitely on my way to reaching that goal as I have lost inches in my waist and hip as well as lost weight. I am becoming more toned as I continue to work out with Gabi. Working out with a personal trainer is one of the best decisions I have made to enrich my life.


I've been going to Gabi at the Salinas facility for almost five months now. That alone should tell you that she's a great personal trainer: friendly, easy to work with, and dedicated to her job. My workouts are tailored to fit my fitness and health needs. She tracks my progress, and encourages me to push past my comfort zone without pressure. That's exactly why I go to a trainer. Thanks, Gabi!


It has been a joy and a real benefit to my well-being to go regularly to the Montage Wellness Center over this past year. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the classes I take with Kellie have been very, very helpful.

As a 71 year old, I find it important to work on strength, flexibility and BALANCE, both for my golf game as well as for everyday living. The progress in these areas coming from regular work at the Center has been a real lift to the spirits and overall health.


Leah is tough, in a good way. Clearly she knows what she is doing. She may try to push my limits, but is always making sure I am not exceeding my limitations. Most important, Leah is positive and encouraging. -Richard

I appreciate that Jason takes the time to listen to my concerns and my goals...and remembers! -Cathy


I love Kellie and the crew here at the Montage Wellness Center. Everyone is working toward the common goal of health.


Personal Training with Mari Valdez at Montage has been motivational and educational. My confidence and comfort level in the gym has increased just by understanding how to properly use the equipment. Mari has incorporated exercises specifically to help me with my fitness goals. I felt much stronger after just a month of training and I am finding that I'm becoming much more consistent. Thank you Mari!


Come get stronger. You can do it!

Fitness training options

All new members receive an equipment orientation and 1 free personal training session

Training packages are offered in 40, 20, 10 and 5 packs or single sessions.

Semi-private and group training available.

Training Sessions are 30 mins – 60 mins

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